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Antje Anderson

Hastings College
Professor Emeritus
Lincoln, Nebraska
I received a Ph.D. in English from Rice University in 1998, with a specialty in the British novel 1750-1900, and for almost 20 years, I taught everything from Homer to Rushdie and Bechdel as a professor of English at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest (Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska). Now, I am back in grad school, getting an M.A. in art history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, relishing two years of prioritizing learning again after having spent 20+ years mostly teaching. (When I graduate in May of 2020, I will need to figure out what to do next!). Most of my work is on British women writers (George Eliot first and foremost), but I came to Dickens via my interest in his plots, and in his reception in nineteenth-century Germany, and have been a Universe participant for many years. My current project seeks to link my new field of art history with Victorian literature: I study the reception of art by Victorian women writers in the context of the 19th century development of art history as a profession and the way in which it positioned women who wrote about art. This also involves the digital mapping and georeferencing of these women's art-related travel and of art spaces (from museums to churches and public plazas), especially in terms of how gender inflects the experience of these spaces.

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