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Barnaby Rudge Bibliography (PDF)

Critical Articles (Password Protected)

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Recommended reading for "Deciphering Dickens" Project

Dickens, Charles, and Edgar Rosenberg. "Writing Great Expectations." Great Expectations: Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Contexts, Criticism. W. W. Norton & Company, 1999. 427-468.


Reading Schedule

Monday, July 15: Serial Nos. I-II,  Ch. I-XII
Tuesday, July 16: Serial Nos. III-IV, Ch. XIII-XXXI
Wednesday, July 17: Serial Nos. V-VI, Ch. XXXII-XLIX
Thursday, July 18: Serial Nos. VII-VIII, Ch. L-LXIX
Friday, July 19: Serial Nos. IX-X, Ch. LXX-LXXXII


Discussion Topics
  • Keys and locks
  • Locked in or locked out?
  • “He has all the wit”: avian wisdom
  • Grotesque births
  • Histories and anniversaries
  • Homes and inns
  • Sixty years Hence: Time and the Historical Novel
  • Secrets and Promises
  • Avuncular Men
  • “He wants imagination”
  • Animals, human and non-human
  • Lower class grotesques
  • Weekly serials
  • Roads and streets
  • London over time
  • Unnatural fathers
  • Snugness
  • Waiting for the Gordon Riots
  • Desiring the master’s daughter
  • Violence: state, gendered, sexual, domestic, orchestrated, mass
  • Bells and soundscapes
  • The mystery plot
  • Aging women
  • Writing riots
  • Forms of crowds
  • (Dis)abilities
  • Protestant, Catholic, Christian
  • Madness
  • Dueling illustrations
  • Gothic styles and forms
  • Signs and signage

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